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Cornell-Plexi 45/50 Head


RRP 1965.00
With FX loop: £218

Panel Features:

Channel One:
Hi & Lo inputs.
Normal Volume.

Channel Two:
Hi & Lo inputs.
Treble Volume.

45/40 (Rectifier).
Mains (On/Off).

Valve Complement:
ECC83 (x3)
EL34 (x2)
GZ34 (x1)

High 50 watts
Low 15 watts
16 & 8 ohms jacks.

Single ended class A/B

More specification details in the manual.

Audio: Gary Moore using the 45/50 on his album Old New  Ballads Blues.

Audio: Hurricane Party and the 45/50 on Get This.

The Cornell-Plexi 45/50 is made to the basic circuit of the JTM45 or JTM50 Plexi panel which was produced in the mid-60s. Additional Cornell design features like the switchable valve rectification and power reducer are fitted as standard.


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About Plexi

Most of today's guitarists are aware of some amplifier history, and "Plexi" must be one of the best known nicknames for a range of amplifiers produced by Marshall from about 1963 to 1969. We have refined this fundamental design to its ultimate, tailoring the components and adjusting the circuit to produce the definitive Plexi sound.

Back in the late 60s there were very few rock bands not using this type of amp, and still today this classic tone can be heard. The Cornell-Plexi amp has that instantly recognisable sound, and if you play rock, or simply want the Plexi tone, this range of amplifiers is an absolute necessity. Whether it is the 18/20 head or combo, or the 45/50 stack, these amplifiers are in the business of classic rock tones.